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Working Together

Interest in hockey is growing nationwide; especially girls hockey. Recognizing the need in the Northwest Suburbs for a competitive girls high school hockey team, former BG/H/W Hockey Director Robert Wagner offered his support and guidance and helped area parents and advocates of girls hockey to form a new girls high school team.  This new team brings an opportunity for young ladies to play at the high school level and represent their schools; just like the boys.

Fall 2018 the D211/214 Rebels Girls High School hockey team took the ice competing in the Metro Girls High School Hockey League.  Actively supported by current BG/H/W Hockey Director Chris Waters; his team, board and parent community-the Rebels staff, players and parents are enjoying an amazing season of firsts.  

BG/H/W Hockey and D211/214 Rebels Girls Hockey: working together to provide opportunities for area young men and ladies to play hockey and represent their respective high schools.

To learn more, click on the team logo directly below. 

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