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Phase 4 Rink Guidelines

By Bobby Wagner, 07/06/20, 8:15PM CDT



West Meadows:
Skaters and coaches will be able to walk straight through the lobby to the locker room hallway. If skaters or coaches need to use the washroom they will follow the same pattern as in Phase 3. Coaches and players will not be allowed to back track into the lobby once in the main rink building. The one way traffic pattern will remain so everyone enters the ice on the scoreboard side and exits the ice near the offices. Exiting the building through the back doors. Locker rooms are limited to 15 people (coaches and skaters), we ask that the clubs monitor this. The capacity limits have been set by the RM Fire Dept. Showers are not available. All skaters must exit the building no more than 10 minutes after their ice time ends.


Sports Complex:
Will now have a loop, enter on the left side of the sliding doors, enter the rink to the left of the office. The stair case on the left will be one way up. Locker rooms are limited to 7 skaters. We will use A/B, C/D, Renegade locker room and a lobby area or party room as the 4 locker rooms allowing for 14 people per set of locker rooms. We are asking clubs to monitor this as well. The Stairs on the scoreboard side will be down only. Everyone will exit the rink into the lobby through the doors by the bathrooms, go through the lobby and out the sliding doors.


Both Rinks:
All skaters must exit the building no more than 10 minutes after their ice time ends.

The bleachers are still closed at both rinks. Skaters and coaches only

Everyone must wear a mask at all time except when on the ice. This includes all players when in the locker rooms, coaches that are watching from off ice area, everyone when walking through the rink (entering and exiting)

While I know the number 50 is in everyone’s head, we are limited to the capacity of the locker rooms and having availability to the group on the ice and the group coming in next.

Live Barn is active at both rinks. If parents have subscriptions they will be able to watch ice times after 5p.

West Meadows Traffic Pattern

Sports Complex Traffic Pattern