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First Apparel Store of the Season is NOW OPEN!

By Johnny Capp, 10/22/20, 9:15AM CDT


I am excited to announce that the first apparel store is open! This store will close on 11/2. We try to do a few different stores throughout the year with slightly different things. If there is something you want to see in the store going forward, please let me know. You can choose to have it shipped or picked up at Image Apparel. I would highly recommend you choose the pick up option and one of us will pick up everything and hand it out to you or the player when it arrives. Obviously if you are shipping it to friends/family out of state, then choose the shipping option. 


I will post this on the website and Dave will likely have this link up on our social media sites later today or tomorrow. Please share the link. With anyone who might be interested. 

Thank you to Chris Kurpiewski and Tara Nagy for their hard work getting this store together. 

Again, it is open until 11/2.